Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm melllttting

It is too hot for June. Frankly, it's too hot for July, August or any other month. Then again, I am a lover of winter. I actually like sleet and snow and gusts of cold wind.

I get more done in the winter. Cold invigorates. Heat saps.

I appreciate the variations of a gray sky more than the endless bleached blue that puts in an appearance every summer.

If I must watch sports on television, I prefer watching football or NCAA basketball (with my husband) or figure skating (with my daughters) to yawning my way through a game of baseball or golf.

I've reached the age where a swimsuit is not my friend.

I hate getting into a sun-heated car and sincerely thank the genius engineer who came up with air-conditioned seats. As my mother would say, "Best invention since sliced bread."

I don't like yard work, bugs (with the exception of fireflys), dragging around a hose, high humidity or ironing linen clothing.

Just so you know I'm not a complete curmudgeon - I do like cicadas' songs, summer dresses, sandals, ice cream, fresh peaches and having my husband grill dinner because it's too hot to turn on the oven. I like late twilight, the freshness of the air in the morning, the sound of children playing in a pool and unexpected cool breezes. Most of all, I like entering an air-conditioned house.

And now, before my brain melts like a popsicle in the sun, it's time to increase the word count.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, Julie. Have you heard the one about Kansas having only two seasons? Winter and road construction.

    Wish Mother Nature dealt out as much MILD weather as she has WILD as of late.