Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have a dream

My dream vacation - I wake up to delicious hot coffee brought to me by my dreamy husband. Next up a leisurely walk by the lake/beach. And then, a few productive hours spent working while dreamy husband golfs or goes for a run or tries to catch a fish. Lunch on a sunlit terrace cooled by a refreshing breeze. A nap by the pool. A romantic dinner. Repeat.

My real vacation - I wake up and make coffee. The darling daughters inform me of the schedule for the day. Paddle boating, volleyball, mini-golf, biking... Their schedules do not include taking anything at a leisurely pace. Nor do they include romantic dinners or their mother working.

I wouldn't trade a minute of these days with my family but they'd be very different if I got to be cruise director.

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