Friday, March 25, 2011

The Internet Millionairess

Of late, I have been fascinated with Amanda Hocking. Never heard of her? Until December I hadn't either. My dreamy husband gave me a Nook for Christmas and I eagerly shopped around Barnes and Noble's online store. There are multiple ways to search for your next good read – search your favorite author, or by title or by best-seller or by Deals. That is where I found Amanda Hocking.

I remember noticing the covers of her books and the prices and wondering how bad a $0.99 book must be. I bought something else that day (and on many other days).

When Amanda's name started popping up on the blogs I read, I revisited the Deals Page. She had seven books – all priced at $0.99 (for the first in a series) or $2.99 (for subsequent books). I bought one. It wasn't bad. I bought another. Again, not bad. She's not J.K. Rowlings or Suzanne Collins but she spins a good YA yarn.

In less than a year, the 26-year old girl who describes herself as unicorn enthusiast (I swear I'm not making that up – check out her blog) has earned more than $1 million. What's more, she just signed a $2 million deal with St. Martins for a paranormal YA series called Watersong.

It all makes me wonder if she's been wishing on pediddles.

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