Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm so tired...

For men of a certain age, there are five or six indispensable movies. I call them movies and not films on purpose.. because Animal House is a movie. Same with The Blues Brothers, The Man with Two Brains, Young Frankenstein, History of the World Part I, Caddyshack and Blazing Saddles.

Men have memorized their favorite lines (It's good to be king...Cinderalla story....Damn glad to meet you...). At our house, if one of the above mentioned movies in on television, we watch it. No matter that we own DVDs of all of them.

I have seen Blazing Saddles 57 times - and counting. Today I feel like Lilly Von Schtupp. I'm tired. So tired. NOT of my dreamy husband, NOT of adorable children, NOT of the crazy dog that occupies a special place in my heart. Today I am tired of the things that take me away from writing - laundry and carpool and volunteer commitments and what's for dinner (really that last one is a question not a statement). The next novel is being written on scraps of paper in scraps of time.

Also, I'm tired. Need-a-nap tired. Oh well. No rest for the wicked or mothers.


  1. Oh no!

    Don’t be worn out yet, you need to blog and of course write novels!

    I miss our dog…enjoy them while you have them…

    I am unashamedly head over heels in love with my wonderful wife, who enjoys my writing but not my topics…and also I suppose some of my more masculine choice sin movies.

    Now I am in my…ahem…mid-forties *whispered* and have to say that none of those movies mentioned are in the top ten of the other men in my circle in that age range. You check those out by looking at my profile…that is how I found you…through yours and our mutual interest in Gail Carriger.

  2. Livingsword - the difference between you and my otherwise dreamy husband is an interest in steam punk.

  3. :)

    There you have it…my otherwise dreamy wife has no affection for steam punk or science fiction or fantasy of any sort…