Sunday, May 22, 2011


Another weekend gone. They slide by too quickly - a haze of soccer games and dinner parties and tapping of keys.

This weekend included all three.

The dinner party was much fun until the man I was chatting with fell asleep. Granted, it was after dinner and the couch was comfortable. But still, it suggests my conversational skills are less than scintillating.

Hopefully, the results of key tapping were more interesting than my conversation.

I've been thinking about internal and external conflict for my characters of late, how one can cause the other or resolve it. So, I wonder how my current cast of characters would deal with a man who falls alseep next to them on the couch. My heroine would leave him be (the poor man must be exhausted). Her friend Clem might draw a mustache on his unsuspecting upper lip (how dare he fall asleep in her fascinating company?) Dottie would make jokes at his expense.

When he woke would he be embarrased? Grateful to Tinsley (main character) for allowing him to sleep? Furious with Clem for defacing his face? Angry that Dottie had made him the butt of clever jokes?

What did I do? Let's just say there are a few slack-jawed pictures to commemorate the night our friend stayed up past his bedtime.

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