Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse

In case you missed it, the CDC recently warned us of the looming (lurching?) possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse. Don't believe me. Visit here.

The agency's social media website was flooded. A site that usually sees 3,000 hits a day saw 60,000. Zombies? Really? They eat brains. Eww.

It just goes to show how the dark, the sci-fi, the fantasy is becoming more mainstream (please note, the agency decided against vampire invasions because, really, vampires are so yesterday).

What's next demon hordes? The riders of the Unseelie court? Ghosts? Sirens?

The CDC recommends water, food, medicine, hygiene products, copies of important documents, and a first aid kit. I've read enough YA to know you will need guns, an axe, a full tank of gas in your car, a bow and arrows and, if you can find it, a magical device of some kind - think a wand, rune stone or (for you Cassie Clare fans) mortal intrument.

Good luck protecting you and yours!


  1. Here's what I read.
    "Your online source for credible health information."

    Wondering if this is the government's way of taking a stab at all that talk about a rapture that's supposed to happen this weekend? hummmmmm

    Or does everyone know something I don't? And why the heck am I worrying about the next few chapters in my novel?

    Guess the Bryce Daniels Preservation Society won't be needed after all.

  2. I'm so confused - I thought the world was supposed to end December 23, 2012, when the Mayan calendar ran out.

    Although, if time is a human construct, how can any of us know? Perhaps the CDC is right, it is best to be prepared for Zombies or Faeries or Demons.