Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the beside table

My MS on sub is YA (to my non-publishing obsessed friends - my novel has been submitted to editors at a variety publishing houses. It is written for young adults).

I have always loved YA. Always. Somehow, I never aged out of it.
YA embraced paranormal long before Stephanie Meyer dreamed of glittering vampires or Harry Potter took up residence under the stairs.

YA isn't afraid to address serious issues - from eating disorders to sex to abuse to death.
YA writers are frequently brilliant.

A few of my favorites?

Cassandra Clare - her paranormals are creative, wise-cracking, steam-punk fun. Her new book City of Fallen Angels will be released April 5. I can hardly wait.
Suzanne Collins - dystopian, reminiscent of The Running Man and totally amazing. If you haven't read The Hunger Games, go buy a copy. Now. I'll wait. Read it, then you can thank me.

For the Urban Fae obsessed, Melissa Marr and  Holly Black are must reads. They write gritty novels with unexpected twists and turns. I recently discovered Julie Kagawa and am awed.

And, for those with a taste for realism, read the unbelievably amazing novel, The Book Thief or one of Simone Elkeles books (my oldest daughter is a HUGE fan. She also LOVES Meg Cabot).

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