Monday, April 18, 2011


And so the world ends, not with a bang but with a pfft. That would be the sound of a motherboard shorting out.

It was much more civilized than the sounds I made - primal scream, recitation of four-letter words, the thunk of my head hitting my desk - repeatedly.

Yes, I upload to Google docs but I like having my WIPs on my laptop. There are places and times I don't have internet access. I still write and I admit, I'm not the best at remembering to upload.

I cradled my laptop in my arms like an injured child and hurried to the closest IT fix-it shop. "Look,"  they waved a bent electric thingy in my face, "Someone has yanked at this." Remind me again why I had children...

Oh right, so there would be someone around to complain about what I serve for dinner and break my stuff.

I bought them there very own refurbished laptop - windows, DVD player, etc... - and explained that my computer was officially off-limits. Their response was so ungrateful I shudder to repeat it. They surveyed the dull gray casing, opened the screeen and pushed a few buttons. "What? No video chat?" and "It's slooooow," and "Why didn't you get us a Mac?"

I think there's a parenting lesson in there somewhere. I missed it.


  1. Lol! Not that it was a computer, but I ended up buying a very, very PINK umbrella, as my teenage son "borrowed," lost, broke, and otherwise made unavailable for MY use all the tasteful black and navy blue ones I owned preceding it.

    Of COURSE I bought him his own umbrella. Many times. I should have bought stock in the freaking umbrella companies, instead.

  2. My daughters can wear my shoes. It's enough to give me nightmares!