Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend as a verb

Why do I think that I am actually going to get any real writing done on the weekends? Or, maybe it's just this weekend... How is it one child had a meet half-way to Iowa (really) while the other had a game half-way to Oklahoma (I exaggerate - but not by much)? Throw in church, swim/dive sign-ups, laundry and errands and my weekend is over with very little time for tapping on the keys.

I did pass off the first 20,000 words of A Roaring Scandal a friend with a critical eye. She is honest enough to tell me what needs fixing and nice enough to do it kindly. I also pulled out Working her Magic, re-wrote the first five pages and submitted them to YA Lit Chat. That was actually very inspiring so I've been re-writing chapters with "what I know now that I didn't know then." - stronger verbs, fewer adverbs, no passive voice, etc... I am also going to (gulp) re-write the hero. I have a paranormal idea I've not yet seen written. And, somehow between book one and being well on my way in book three, I have overcome my aversion to the delete button. A good thing. Working her Magic needs several scenes deleted.

Then there's Prairie Gothic - at least another week before I can hope to hear anything. Fingers crossed (which makes it harder to type). It remains a happy distraction.

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